On the 11th of September 1993, Didier (French) and Cristina (Colombian) meet in Geneva in Switzerland.

At this time, he is an administrator for theatre companies in Switzerland, while she is a social worker in Manizales who has come come to complete her university studies at the Institute of Superior Studies and Developement of Geneva.

Didier discovered Colombia, Cristina discovered Europe. Throughout his travels in Colombia, Didier met Cristina’s childhood friends Mario, holistic therapist and carpenter, and Nancy, social worker and « Moon Mother», both living in Cali.

Passionate with travels, they love to dream together looking at maps of the world and follow the lines that tie us all together. They travel together in Europe and Latin America. In 2010, « Chakay Turismo » is born out of this passion. It concentrates on one destination: Colombia.

In 2011, they are thrilled to become owners of a big house with land situated near Cali. From this, they make a homely Bed & Breakfast, to rest and exchange, where the traveler will not disturb what he or she has come to look for: that is calm, beauty and nature.

Curious and dedicated, they love to be in contact with travelers and they take the greatest pride in satisfying each person’s desires and demands. « Gourmands and gourmets », they are always on the lookout for the finest restaurants.
They are in touch with unusual activities or cultural events not to be missed…

So, they are your privileged interlocutors, and they will be in contact with you right from your arrival and throughout your whole stay.

We purposely limit the number of guests to 8 to remain in a human dimension

“A journey is the only thing we buy that makes us richer”
– Anonymous –

Didier Charmelot

Cristina Gomez

Nancy Angel

Mario Londoño